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BCIM Rotary joint

Bearing Cover Inserted (BCI) rotary union is applied to continuous casting steel segment rolls on water service. It is self-centering and mounted inside the bearing cover to protect the rotary union from breakouts and eliminates side loading caused by external flexible hoses. The ability to handle misalignment, the large flow area, and simple design make this rotary union a preferred design for all new and rebuilt continuous casting roll segments. Field tests have proven the BCI capable of operating for multiple campaigns without requiring repair. All materials of the BCI are corrosion-resistant stainless steel or bronze and the internal bearing surface is permanently lubricated. Because of its ability to tolerate dirty water with varying pH levels, the BCI outperforms all other rotary unions on the market today. The BCI union is rated up to 121° C (250° F), 10 bar (150 psig), and 25 RPM.