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Range of use

Metallurgical industry

"KadantJohnsonEuropeB.V." developed a whole series of rotary joints, which are designed and used in the metallurgical industry. Our partners in the industry are such manufacturers as Danieli, VAI Siemens, SMS group, Tenova Group and other major companies. 

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Plastic industry

Rotary connection provides a mechanical seal between a stationary feed pipe and a rotating mechanical unit (shaft, calendar, reel, hydraulic cylinder, etc.) to deliver a specific media like (water, steam, thermal oil, hydraulic oil, antifreeze, cutting fluid, emulsion, air, etc .).This process allows us to heat, cool and provide the perfect heat transfer between rotating units so as to prepare them for the ideal working temperature. 

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Machine tool industry

G rotary union is a high performance, high precision rotary union for coolant, water,hydraulic oil, and air applications. Type G unions are generally used on CNC machine spindles, gun drills, milling machines, and other cutting tools. The G union is designed for speeds up to 50,000 RPM and pressures up to 3,600 psig in sizes ranging from 1/4" (M10) to 5/8" (M16).

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Printing industry

RX rotary union incorporates the latest technology in mechanical seal design for water, thermal oil, and air service. The balanced seal and carbon-to-tungsten carbide seal package makes the RX more robust and able to run longer than other ball bearing designs. The RX union is supported by two widely-spaced anti-friction bearings and features a bearing isolation system for added bearing protection. The RX union is capable of intermittent dry running and has the seal springs located outside the fluid to minimize potential for fouling. The RX is rated up to 200 °C (400° F), 15 bar (300 psig), and 3000 RPM.

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Corrugating Industry

Rotary steam joints have been a part of the corrugating manufacturing process since the 1930s, when Kadant Johnson introduced the rotary pressure joint. Since then, Kadant Johnson has incorporated advances in sealing technology, joint design, and materials to extend the application range of the conventional pressure-type joint. At the same time, Kadant Johnson has led the evolution from self-supported to rod-supported pressure-type joints to today’s CorrPro™ joint with its balanced seal, 360° bracket-support, and advanced syphon design. Kadant Johnson’s advanced seal technology and extensive line of rotary joints provide increased reliability and performance for any corrugator application, even at operating speeds in excess of 1,500 fpm (460 mpm) and steam pressures up to 300 psig (20 bar).


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