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Condensate Pump Systems

Liqui-MoverĀ® Pumps
Fewer Moving Parts Means Greater Reliability

A Liqui-Mover performs the same liquid transport functions as vane or centrifugal pumps. But since the Liqui-Mover is based on an entirely different operating concept, it has fewer moving parts than conventional pumps.As a positive displacement pressure-powered pump, the Liqui-Mover has no motors, starters, shafts rotating mechanical seals or impellers. Instead, the Liqui-Mover uses steam (or any compatible inert gas) under pressure as the motive force to lift or pump liquids. 

With none of these maintenance-intensive components to leak, wear or fail, the Liqui-Mover is naturally more reliable than conventional pumps.

Different Models for Different Applications

There are two separate Liqui-Mover series, each designed for optimum performance through a range of conditions. 

The LMH Series is externally powered, with or without electricity, and has single-tank capacities ranging up to 705 Lpm (186 GPM) or 40,455 kg/hr (89,000 lbs/hr). LMH Liqui-Movers are used with coils, heaters, hospital equipment, coolers and evaporators, to name a few applications.

The Liqui-Mover LMV Series is self-actuating - it requires no electricity to operate. This makes it well-suited to remote locations, like tank farms, where it is impractical to supply electricity. LMV Liqui-Movers are also ideal where using electricity can be hazardous. This includes wet environments like sumps/pits, bottle washers and laundry equipment, and explosive environments such as refineries, chemical plants or distillation towers. The LMV's single-tank capacities range up to 114 Lpm (30 GPM) or 6,532 kg/hr (14,370 lbs/hr).